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The City University of New York selects Akademos as its exclusive online bookstore provider

Posted by Ariane Rasmussen on February 2, 2017

Utilizing innovative eCommerce service, CUNY colleges will offer students significant textbook savings while enabling faculty to easily evaluate and adopt all course materials

Final CUNY logo.jpgThe City University of New York, the nation’s leading urban public university, has partnered with Akademos to provide online bookstore services that will give students access to a vast selection of low-cost textbooks along with a convenient, personalized ordering experience.  

Students from twelve CUNY colleges will be able to shop for textbooks in new, used, rental and eBook formats from any device using a custom-branded version of the mobile-optimized Akademos online bookstore.  Students using Akademos’ proprietary peer-to-peer marketplace of over 100 million new and used textbooks will save an average of 60% off the list price of their course materials.

“Governor Cuomo has announced an important initiative to make CUNY’s two- and four-year colleges tuition-free for many of New York’s middle class families. The partnership between CUNY and Akademos will further the Governor’s goal of affordability by addressing the rising cost of textbooks, a challenge CUNY students have been facing for some time,” said CUNY Chancellor James B. Milliken.

Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost Vita Rabinowitz added: “Our experience shows that students who purchase their textbooks are more likely to succeed in their courses of study.  I am delighted that we are addressing this textbook affordability barrier while helping all CUNY students. Our students and faculty have responded well to the value and service Akademos already provides four of our colleges, and we are pleased to extend this service to additional CUNY colleges.” 

After a competitive vetting and bidding process, CUNY selected Akademos as its exclusive vendor for online bookstore services.  Akademos currently serves Queens College, John Jay College, Medgar Evers College and CUNY School of Law.  Over the next year, eight additional CUNY colleges will transition to Akademos service, including: Hunter College, Brooklyn College, City College, Bronx Community College, Hostos Community College, York College, School of Professional Studies, and Guttman Community College.  Thereafter, remaining CUNY colleges may select and utilize Akademos’ services if they wish.

“We are thrilled that CUNY selected Akademos as its exclusive online bookstore provider,” said John Squires, Akademos CEO.  “We are eager to work with CUNY colleges to help lower the cost of learning materials, by providing students new low-cost choices from our broad supply of providers.  In addition, our advanced faculty adoption software and curriculum consulting services will aid faculty in selecting innovative, high-quality materials for instruction that may further reduce costs for CUNY students and support the educational mission of the colleges.”

Learn more about how Akademos can help your institution significantly improve textbook affordability for students.

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New Survey shows that the high cost of college textbooks continues to undermine student success

Posted by Ariane Rasmussen on January 31, 2017

University of West Florida survey reveals that textbook affordability continues to be a key determining factor in student preparedness and academic success.

The results of a recently released survey, “2016 Student Textbook and Course Materials Survey Report” conducted by the Office of Distance Learning and Student Services of the University of West Florida’s Virtual Campus, shows that the high costs of college textbooks and course materials continues to undermine student access, student preparedness and academic succesUWF Survey Picture.pngs.

Out of the 22,000+ Florida students surveyed, over half of them (66.6 %) said they did not purchase the required textbooks for their courses because they were too costly. A lack of access to affordable course materials led to a decrease in student preparedness for courses with 57.4 percent of UWF students saying they either failed a course or earned a poor grade because they couldn’t afford to purchase the required textbooks (37.6% earned a poor grade; 19.8% failed a course).

Similarly, a nationwide 2016 survey conducted on behalf of Akademos (see our College Student Survey Results Exclusive White Paper) found that 39% of the students surveyed have taken a course without the required materials because they’re too expensive and 40% of them indicated that they only purchase “some or none” of their required course materials. In addition, 60% of these students said they think they would have performed better in their courses if they’d only had the required materials.

The UWF survey also suggested that time to graduation is being negatively impacted by a lack of access to affordable textbooks with 47.6% of students reporting that they “occasionally or frequently” take fewer courses because of it; 45.5% do not register for a course at all; 26.1% drop a course and 20.7% withdraw from courses. The Akademos nationwide survey found that 12% of students opted not to register for a class or dropped a class due to high course materials costs. Fewer classes equal a longer road to graduation and a decrease in college and university completion rates.

Another interesting conclusion drawn from the UWF survey is that financial aid coverage for textbook costs has actually gone down since their 2012 survey; 70.7% of students reported that they received financial aid in Spring 2016 in contrast to 75% of students in 2012. The survey also revealed that out of the 70.7 percent of students receiving financial aid, approximately one-third of them (29.2%) reported that their financial aid covered “none” of their textbooks costs.

According to the 2016 Akademos student survey, over half of students report being “dissatisfied” or “extremely dissatisfied” with the cost of textbooks at their institution. With the high prices of course materials at the forefront of student minds, it’s important for institutions to offer their students greater access to lower cost options at their school-sanctioned bookstore. For a resource on solutions for college bookstores that addresses textbook affordability, accessibility and student success, click here to request our exclusive Future-Proof Your College Bookstore eBook.

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